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The history of York St. John’s University can be traced back to York Bishop’s College, a priest training school established in 1841, which was later renamed St. John’s College. The Women’s Mission School in York was established in 1846 and moved to Ripon in 1862. A century later, the two mission schools merged in 1974 and renamed the College of St. John and Ripon. In 1990, the school merged with the University of Leeds and became an affiliated college of the University of Leeds. The school retained the name of St. John and awarded students a University of Leeds degree. From 1999 to 2001, the school gradually moved back to York City and was renamed York St. John's College. Lost my high school diploma, fake bachelor degree, fake master diploma. 
In February 2006, the school obtained full and independent degree-granting authority. Shortly after the short-term use of the name of St. John’s University College, with the approval of the Privy Council, the school officially used the name of York St. John’s University in July 2006. Fake bachelor York St Johns University degree sample. 
Ranking of York St. John's University:
Global University Network (4ICU) ranked 132th among national universities
"Daily Telegraph" UK universities ranked 100th
"The Times" ranked 80th in UK universities
"The Complete University Guide" ranked 97th in UK universities
The Guardian ranks 107th in UK universities
Ranked 4065 in the Webometrics World University Rankings
York St. John’s University was ranked 80th in the 2010 times comprehensive ranking.
St. John’s University can currently provide comprehensive courses from undergraduate to master’s levelj. It is famous for majors in business management, behavior and creative arts, English teaching, education, literature, management, sports and tourism.