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The University of Teesside is a dynamic, comprehensive public universityin the northeast of England, known for its quality of teaching.
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There are five colleges under the university – the School of Computer, Media and Arts, the School of Science, Engineering and Design, the School of
Social Sciences, the Humanities and Law, the School of Health and Social Health, and the School of Business. Quality disciplines cover animation,
art design, computer, electrical and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, education, chemical industry, sports and training, nursing, history,
social work and many other professional directions, opening nearly 200 undergraduate majors, 100 master's majors With 5 research centers, its high
quality teaching level is widely recognized in the UK. Its history dates back to the Mechanics' Institute, which was founded in 1844, and the university's
construction proposal dates back to 1914. However, after the local shipbuilding capitalists funded £40,000, the process was still slow. The Council
was established in 1922, and the Constantine family donated 80,000 pounds in 1924. The engineering school building was designed and built by London
architect Graham R. Dawbarn. The University of Teesside has a long and rigorous history of education. Its predecessor was the Constantine Institute
of Technology, founded in 1930. Constantine Technical College, which opened on July 2, 1930, is the official predecessor of the school. The expansion
of political influence before the 1960s was slow. In the 1970s, it merged with Teesside College of Education, later known as Teesside Polytechnic. After
years of development, the college officially changed its name to Teesside University in 1992. On June 10, 1992, it was
renamed the University of Teessidecame and became one of the newly established universities. Renamed in 2009.