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CISSP certificate
CISSP English full name: "Certified Information Systems Security Professional", full name in Chinese: "(ISC) 2 registered information system security expert",
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organized and managed by (ISC) 2, is the most authoritative, professional and systematic in the world. Information security certification. CISSP is a
certificate that reflects the level of information system security professionals. It can prove that certificate holders have the information
security knowledge and experience ability in line with international standards, and have been widely recognized worldwide.
The CISSP certification exam is organized and managed by (ISC)2. CISSP-certified personnel are required to comply with the CISSP
Code of Ethics and have at least 2 of the 10 areas of the Information Systems Security Common Knowledge Framework (CBK). A range of professional
experience for 5 years; or 4 years of relevant professional experience and a certificate with a bachelor's degree or ISC2 accreditation. In addition, CISSP
candidates are required to obtain another Endorsement with a valid ISC2 certification.
A valid referrer is any professional who holds CISSP, SSCP and CAP.
With the in-depth development of global information technology, information network technology has been widely applied to enterprise business systems,
financial business systems, government information systems, etc. Because the Internet is open, international and free, it protects confidential information.
Without the invasion and destruction of hackers and spies, various systems are paying more and more attention to the issue of network security, and the
proportion of investment in this area is also increasing. To this end, it is particularly urgent to establish a uniform set of standards and to train qualified
information security professionals to cope with network security needs. CISSP is developed to meet the
needs of this aspect and plays an extremely important role in the security of information systems.