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Hong Kong driving licence
The driver's license is called a motor vehicle driver's license, and it is also a "driver's license". According to the law, the driver of the motor vehicle needs to apply for a license. buy a fake Hong Kong driving licence online, you can get a HK DL in 36 hours. buy fake driving licence online, buy fake Hong Kong DL online. buy a fake HK DL online. 
Driving a motor vehicle requires certain driving skills. If you are driving a motor vehicle without this skill, you may have a traffic accident. The average person can't drive on the road without a license. But for those who already have safe driving skills, they drive the vehicle on the road. The permissible document is the “driver’s license”. This shows that the driver's license is a "license."
The license to drive the vehicle is achieved through the issuance of a driver's license. This shows that obtaining a driver's license is a behavior with a certain format and must be issued by a specialized agency. Internationally, the definition of a driver's license is: "In order to drive a car, the competent authority issues a certificate of permission to drive the vehicle." (Excerpt from the UN Economic and Social Council's Minimum Uniform Rules on Advising Drivers for Approval)