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California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly Polytechnic State University) is a well-known public research university
in the United States, located in Obispo, San Luis, California. In 2016, approximately 21,306 students were enrolled in the school.
The school offers hundreds of subjects in business analytics, computer science, electrical engineering, software engineering, aerospace engineering,
industrial engineering, financial engineering, business administration, quantitative economics, architecture and urban planning. The disciplines
are mainly offered at the O'Falley Business School, the School of Engineering, the School of Architectural Design, the College of Agriculture,
Food & Environmental Sciences, the College of Humanities and the School of Mathematical Sciences, offering bachelor's and master's degrees.
Apple's first CFO Peter Oppenheimer (who joined the Goldman Sachs Board of Directors in 2014), former
Oracle VP and Yahoo CTO Farzad Nazem, Raytheon founder and CEO William Swansonsinger graduated here.
Among the newly-launched headhunting company HiringSolved, the most popular university in Silicon Valley top25 employers in 2017,
Caltech State University ranked 14th, surpassing Cornell University (15) and University of Waterloo (16) ), University of Washington, Seattle (18)
and MIT (20). In the public university awards issued by Forbes, Cal Poly ranked third in the United States. In the US public university rankings,
Cal Poly ranks third with UCLA and the University of California, San Diego, second only to the University of California at Berkeley and the University of Virginia.