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Founded in 1905, UC Davis is one of the 10 campuses of the University of California and one of Tier-1's top public universities in the United States.

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Covering an area of ​​approximately 7,309 acres, it is the most extensive campus of the University of California. The school adopts the Quarter system,
which is the first quarter from mid-September to mid-December, the second quarter from the beginning of January to the middle of March, and the third
quarter from the end of March/early to the middle of June, summer July. There are elective courses in August. In addition to the highest level of
research equipment and academic standards in California and the United States, the school's
various sports facilities and diverse student societies are also very well known.
UC Davis is a member of 63 American University Associations representing the highest level of academic excellence in North America. According to
the National Science Foundation, in 2014, UC Davis invested $7.513 billion in scientific research and development, ranking 21st in the country.
The school has several research centers and laboratories. These include the famous Bodega Marine Lab and The Crocker Nuclear Laboratory.
The Crocker Nuclear Laboratory has a nuclear accelerator that has been used by scientists, engineers and engineers from government,
universities and private companies since 1966 to include nuclear physics, soil state physics, and radiation reactions.
UC Davis is the only campus in the University of California with the exception of UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley).
The University of California at Davis is the world's center for bio-agriculture and environmental science research and education. The top ten universities
in the United States are in the fields of plant science, civil engineering, environmental engineering, animal science, and agriculture and resource
economics and management science. In addition, economics, art, humanities, engineering, social sciences,
health sciences, law and management have a good reputation in the United States, ranking in the top 30.