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The University of Southern Queensland, the English name of the University of Southern Queensland, referred to as USQ, was founded in 1967 and is
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located in Queensland. It is a public comprehensive university recognized by the Australian Government and the Chinese Ministry of Education.
The University of Southern Queensland enjoys a high reputation for its quality programs and outstanding teaching standards, and its academic
excellence and academic programs attract a wide range of attention at home and abroad. The University of Southern Queensland is also a truly
student-centered university that combines student learning experiences with individual needs. The graduates of this school are highly recognized
by employers and have been rated by MyUniversity as the highest-employment university in Queensland. The University of Southern Queensland has
two departments of Health, Engineering and Science (HES) and the Faculty of Business, Education, Law and Arts (BELA). It offers undergraduate,
honours, postgraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate degrees. Multi-level
educational programs such as degrees, research master's degrees and doctoral degrees.