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University of Peshawar, founded in 1950, consists of nine colleges including the Agricultural College, buy a fake university of peshawar degree, buy fake diploma of university of peshawar, buy fake medicine certificates, buy fake bachelor degree, the College of Education, the School of Family Economics, the School of Engineering, and the School of Law. There are 27 departments in English, Economics, History, Political Science, Urdu, Persian, and Philosophy. The school is 10 km from Peshawar City and the famous Khyber Pass. Peshawar (Pashto: پېښور‎ Pēkhawar About this soundpronunciation (help·info); Hindko: پشور‎; Urdu: پشاور‎ About this soundpronunciation (help·info)) is the capital of the Pakistani province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Situated in the broad Valley of Peshawar near the eastern end of the historic Khyber Pass, close to the border with Afghanistan, Peshawar's recorded history dates back to at least 539 BCE, making it the oldest city in Pakistan and one of the oldest cities in the world. Peshawar was the capital of the ancient Kushan Empire and was home to what may have been the tallest building in the ancient world, the Kanishka stupa. Peshawar was then sacked by the White Huns, before the arrival of Muslim empires. The city was an important trading center during the Mughal era before serving as the winter capital of the Afghan Durrani Empire from 1757 until the city was captured by the Sikh Empire in 1818, who was then followed by the British in 1849.
The city of Peshawar has a population of 1,970,042 according to the 2017 census, making it the largest city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the sixth-largest in Pakistan, while Peshawar District has a population of 4,269,079.