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A teacher Wang from Shanghai was fortunate to get a place to study in the United States. He participated in the "Strong Teacher Project" project of the Municipal Education Commission. The visiting school was California State University Fullerton, and his visiting research direction was pedagogy. When Mr. Wang applied, he did not expect to have the opportunity. The teaching experience was still insufficient and the time on the job was not long. However, by chance, he got this very lucky opportunity. Fake Degree Sample, replica certificate sample, Buy phony transcript from UK. Buy false certificate from US.
Fullerton is located in Los Angeles and belongs to orange county. Buy a copy diploma in England, buy replica degree from Australia, buy fake Canada degree. It is a typical small city with a slow pace of life and relatively safe. Blue sky and white clouds can be seen everywhere in Los Angeles, the air is fresh, the sun is shining, there is basically no rain in summer and autumn, and life is very comfortable. The city of Los Angeles is the size of five Beijing, but there is very little public transportation. It is usually driven by car. It can be said that it is difficult to travel without a car. There is no taxi. You can only take an uber but the cost is very high. So pay attention to children's shoes who plan to come to Los Angeles to study. After coming over, they must take an American driver's license.
I came to the United States for five months and listened to many American undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and deeply felt the difference in education between China and the United States. The first is elective courses. Chinese universities basically focus on compulsory courses, supplemented by elective courses. Students in a class will take most of the courses together. The opposite is true in the United States. The United States implements a credit system. Students can decide which professional courses and credits are taken each semester, as long as they can complete the required credits upon graduation. Generally, it takes four years to graduate undergraduate. Of course, Xueba can graduate in three to three and a half years. American universities are not like the popular dormitory system in Chinese universities. Few students live in the school, and the school accommodation fee is also high. Generally, students will choose to rent an apartment near the school and have a higher degree of freedom.