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Software engineering
Software engineering direction mainly studies the principles and technologies of large-scale software systems. buy best replica diplomas and degree
. Generally divided into software design, programming language and software testing. What needs analysis, structural design,
development process, life cycle, etc. are all within this scope. Buy replica diplomas from USA university. buy replica degree from USA university. 
Basic disciplines in computer science, such as operating systems, data structures, and algorithms are all included. This direction is almost the first
major direction in the computer profession. There are many places for admission, and there are some scholarships. However, due to the huge market
demand, employment is not a problem. To put it bluntly, this profession is to train coder, of course, coder can do architect long. Studying this major,
worrying about food and clothing, it is difficult to make big money for the time being.
2. Database
◤ Database direction specific database system, data mining and so on. From a very theoretical relational database, a cloud database, to a very applied
SQL, all within the scope of learning. Graduates can be database management engineers. However, please note that this kind of engineer position has
high requirements for experience, especially for database management engineers who are full-time full-time employees in large companies. I am afraid
that students who have just graduated may have difficulties. But work can be found, for example, part-time internship nature, can be used as a starting
point. The programming requirements are not too high.
3. Computer network
The computer network even includes Telecommunication. This range can be large. Network applications, network protocols, network communications,
network theory, network security, etc. are all counted. Encryption and decryption, routing algorithms, and even codecs are all subjects that need to be
learned. There are many competitors applying for this subject, and students from EE and ECE backgrounds can apply. However, employment in this
discipline is not bad, from equipment vendors to operators to third-party software developers, there are jobs to choose from. Many companies' hiring
advertisements are written by Telecommunication and CS, EE related majors. It can be seen that the extent of this range is clearly an application
professional, but it has almost become equal to EE and CS.
4. Artificial intelligence
◤ Artificial intelligence is actually a very comprehensive subject, which covers many small directions of computer science. Such as machine learning
systems, computer languages, image processing, speech recognition, robots, human-computer interaction, robots, etc. There is a certain learning
foundation for the applicant's computer science background, including data structure algorithms. However, this direction seems to be very hot recently,
and there are more places to enroll, and there is also a trend from the main recruitment of PhD to the Master. The perfect match should be the nature
of R&D. It is difficult to find, but it is a step-by-step process. It is a work of all kinds of electronic equipment vendors to learn such a profession.
5. Computer Graphics
◤Computer graphics, this profession has all the above artificial intelligence, computer network, software engineering. Study image expression,
processing, etc. Computer imaging, 3D animation, and even network image transmission all fall into this category. Students who study this major
can go to the game design company, film video production company to find a job. In short, the current life is inseparable from the digital expression
processing of graphic images, and it is inseparable from students who study computer graphics and multimedia.
6. Human-computer interaction
◤ Human-computer interaction, speech recognition and the like (speech recognition sometimes also acts as a separate field). This professional
and artificial intelligence major crosses each other. And this major is a cross-disciplinary field of computer science, behavioral science,
ergonomics, and design. The characteristics of such a profession are that it is more important to work experience. As with artificial intelligence,
it is sometimes difficult to find a job in such a field.
7. Management Information System MIS
◤ Management Information System MIS is essentially a database system. It differs from other database systems in that its purpose is to integrate
the necessary information for decision making. Decision support systems, expert systems, and implementation information systems are all part
of MIS. MIS majors are also divided into engineering institutes (computer colleges) or business schools (management). The former is partial to
technology, and the latter is partial to business. Let's go to the United States to read the Master. Of course, the way to graduate after the technology is flat.