How Does a Real Seal of American Intercontinental University(AIU) Diploma Look Like?

American Intercontinental University diploma
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American Intercontinental University(AIU) is an international university with branch campuses in Atlanta, 
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American Intercontinental University(AIU) has 8 departments: School of Business, School of Criminal Law, School of Education, School of Health Management, School of Information Technology, School of Marketing, School of Organizational Psychology, and School of Visual Communication. The university provides flexible online courses, and students can study at any time and anywhere. At the same time, universities can also provide crash courses so that students can get a bachelor's degree in 13 months and a master's degree in 10 months.
The MBA program of the American Intercontinental Network University Business School provides students with flexible online teaching, and students can obtain a master's degree in 10 months. This project combines advanced theory, practical experience and ability training to provide students with a strong foundation for competitiveness.