2019 American University Waitlist Timeline. Action! Action! Still Not Giving Up

In the face of this year's fierce application competition, not all students can enjoy the dream school offer. Some of the students were not so lucky, they were put in the Waitlist by the school, and they were waiting for the Waitlist results...2019 American University Waitlist timeline. action! action! Still not giving up. if you haven't been offered by this university but want to get university degree, no worries, we can provide the best-quality
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But don't be negative, in the Waitlist it proves that there is hope of turning positive!
According to College-kickstart, WL data of 138 universities last year were counted. 24% of schools did not enroll one from WL, and the average WL admission rate was 11%!
Although Stanford University, Dartmouth College, Brown University, Rice University, Notre Dame University, Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, Tulane University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Lehigh University have all had application rates. 0% of the situation.
However, the change in the situation every year is still relatively large. For example, Carnegie Mellon University's waiting rate for admission in the past few years was 0%, but last year there were 109 people turning positive, and the positive rate was 2.96%.
Waitlist results are generally not announced until the end of May or even June. Because the general RD admission school has to pay a deposit before May 1st, after May 1st, the school can basically determine the number of students to be enrolled. If the number of students is less than the planned enrollment, then the probability of the waitlist students being admitted will be Relatively high.
Next, let's take a look at the WL admission rates of US universities last year and the release date of this year.
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How to stand out from the waiting list?
Although many admissions officers describe the waitlist offer as a "rejection." But every year, many students, including Chinese students, enter the ideal university through the waiting list.
As Richard Avitabile, former director of the New York University Admissions Office, said: "We will not use the waiting list as a way to deny students. We sincerely hope that each of them can join us."
How to stand out from the waiting list?
Reply promptly "Thank you letter"
Many schools have alternate admissions on a “first come, first served” basis.
Replying to the waiting list notification email is a game of speed competition, winning first-come first.
When you receive an email from the school waitlist, some schools will need you to fill out the Accept Waitlist Form. If you choose to accept, the school will reserve a place for you in the waitlist list. Some schools do not have this item and do not ask you to reply to the mail, but whether or not the school has a request for a reply, you must respond promptly and promptly.
As an alternate, if you can't jump out at the first time to show your determination and strength, how can you be replaced by the first overall pick after the players leave the game?
Therefore, in reply to the mail, in addition to the content to be able to impress people, the speed must be fast.
Retell your enthusiasm for the school
Usually the school won't explain why you are in Waitlist, what you should do.
Write a thank you letter to the school. Because the school puts you on the waitlist list, you must feel that you are still a good candidate for their school, so thank you. Of course, when expressing gratitude, I also expressed my expectation of being admitted to your school and willing to wait for the final admission result of the school.
After completing this step, the school will assume that you attach great importance to being accepted. Although it does not ensure that all students who respond in a timely manner will get the offer as they wish, it is certain that the school will tend to leave the opportunity to the students who responded as soon as possible.
Tina Brooks, Pomona College Admissions Office, said that if the university is ambiguous or does not accurately state their needs, it is recommended to send an e-mail to reiterate their strong interest in the school. This letter must be polite and attractive. Explain that you should be considered for good reasons. You must promise that if you have the opportunity to be admitted, you will certainly accept it and there will be no remorse. But remember, one can be.
Contact Admissions Officer
You can ask the Admissions Office a number of crucial questions:
* Ask how many percentages of students are admitted from the waitlist each year
If the school does not post relevant information on the website, you will need to ask yourself. If the college's waitlist ranks students, you also need to know where you are in WL so you know if you are possible.
* Ask what to do to get positive from the waitlist
You can also ask the Admissions Office about the criteria for selecting students from WL, and what else can you do to supplement your extracurricular activities, consolidate your in-class GPA, or make your standardization scores a step further... The admissions officer's answer, you can show yourself more comprehensive and better in the love letter.
Reminder: Do not entangle the admissions officer! ! !
Provide the latest information and increase the chip
If you have any new developments or information on research projects or language exams, you must tell the school the first time.
For example, GPA has been greatly improved, new competitions and competition results, research, and extracurricular activities should be provided to the university. Pay attention to the relevance of the material, significant.
Do not submit irrelevant or trivial materials. For example, only a few points of SAT scores are raised, from a recommendation letter that does not know your celebrity.
Not every school needs these supplements!
Because the requirements and preferences of each school are different,
Even some schools will make it clear that they will not accept any supplementary materials.
It is necessary to be cautious when encountering such a school. It is best not to sing against the school!
In the process of waiting, you should first find a guaranteed school, or apply for a university that has not yet been closed as your own “waiting list”.
If, by comparison, the school you receive from Offer is not much different from the school in Waitlist, you can wait for Offer and go to the official website of another university to pay the deposit.
Don't hope too much for the alternate report, most of the candidates will eventually be rejected, and even some universities will not give the candidate students the final result.