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ACE certificate
The ACE (American Council on Exercise) -CPT certification course system is very complete. Buy fake ACE certificate, custom American Council on Exercise fake certificate, ACE certificate sample, buy fake certificate, supply American ACE diploma certificate. In addition to the scientific knowledge system (anatomy, physiology, energetics, nutrition), it is more important to learn psychology, helping students establish a good communication and understanding with members, and lead members in science. This is the most direct difference from other training systems.
In addition to the complete training course system, the Chinese textbooks translated from the original version of ACE used by FIT Greater China have also become a reference book that can accompany coaches throughout their careers. When encountering different types of members, you can find them in this textbook. To the answer you want.
The formal form of the ACE exam is a theoretical exam. The exam location is arranged by a third-party organization officially designated by the US ACE. The exam location will be notified about 15 days after submitting the exam application. The exam time is 4.5 hours and a total of 125 multiple-choice questions (topics) Both Chinese and English translations are provided), with a full score of 800, 500 points are qualified, 600 points can have the opportunity to get a 6-day free instructor training selection sponsored by Xinchun FIT.