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In the past, the AS test in the first stage of high school and the A2 test in the second stage of high school each accounted for 50%. Finally, the AS and A2 test scores can be added together as the total score of the final application for the university.
The new examination syllabus implemented in 2019 stipulates that the AS and A-level examinations will be divided into two independent qualification examinations. Candidates can choose to only take the AS or only A2. These scores can be used as high school scores to apply for college.
In other words, you can study for two years to take the AS test or directly take the A-level test.
The advantage of it is that candidates have more choices. They can choose which level of examination according to their abilities, and when applying for a university, the examination results of all stages are valid. Each paper of the revised AS and A-level exams includes three parts: listening and reading; literary writing; and speaking.
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