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Acadia University degree
Acadia University named the best Canadian undergraduate university in Canada by MACLEAN magazine,
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The school’s undergraduate ranks first among all Canadian universities for seven consecutive years;
MACLEAN magazine has consistently ranked first in the selection of Canadian universities over the years,
in terms of “Tomorrow's Leadership Development” / “High Quality Teaching” / “Innovation” / “Comprehensive Quality”;
Awarded the School Information Technology Innovation Award in 1997, the first fully electronic campus in Canada;
In 1999, he became an honorary member of the Smithsonian Association;
In 2001, became the only university in Canada to receive the Computer Popularization Award;
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Challenging curriculum arrangement, about 20% of the courses are carried out in a way that combines the
students' extracurricular activities and the actual living environment to broaden students' horizons and exercise their independent problem-solving skills;
Strong teaching staff is equipped with a small class teaching mode (average 26 people/class) to provide high teaching guarantee;
The school’s high reputation and good reputation create favorable conditions for the employment of its graduates;