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Bastyr University (Kenmore) was founded in 1978 as a non-profit, private university. There are nine undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs available: Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Nutrition, Health psychology, Herbology, exercise science and Health, Naturopathy, midwifery, and Applied behavioral science.
Bastier University and similar naturopathic programs are not accredited as medical schools, but are accredited as special programs overseen by naturopathic committees, which are not required to be scientific. Bastier's naturopathic program has been accused by critics of misrepresenting its medical rigor and its ability to train primary care clinicians.
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Its core specialties are clinical natural medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and herbology. Some majors are linked to the master. Bastere University (Kenmore) is world-renowned for its rigorous curriculum and strong natural clinical medical research. Bastier University is a bridge that combines traditional Western medicine and functional medicine. Natural (clinical) medicine emphasizes starting from the disease, combined with the appropriate experimental report test results, in-depth search for the pathogen, the development of personal policies, combined with prescription drugs, plant extracts, dietary regulation, and many aspects of intervention. On the basis of the popularization of human health awareness, help patients recover and maintain health. Most doctors of natural medicine are employed in private clinics, general hospitals, and cancer research centers. Bastyr University (Kenmore) is the Doctor of Natural Medicine leader. Bastar University takes an integrated approach to education, research and clinical services. Since 1978, Bastier University (Kenmore) has been committed to pioneering research in complementary and alternative medicine. Bastier University also offers psychology, nutrition, Chinese acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine.