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Brunel University PGCE Certificate
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Systematic Science Program at Brunel University
Compulsory courses:
ERPSystems Theory and Practice system theory and practice
ERPSystemsDeploymentandConfiguration system deployment and configuration
Service-Oriented Architecture
Data Management and Business Intelligence
SystemsProjectManagement system project management
Dissertation paper
Brunel University System Science Major Application Requirements
1. Academic requirements: average score requirements: have an undergraduate degree recognized by a regular university (four-year system), and an average grade of at least 80%.
Background professional requirements: General requirements: a British second-class honors degree. Computer graduates who have work experience related to this course can also be considered. Chinese requirements: The minimum score requirement is 70%-80%, and the score range is determined by the university where the undergraduate is located.
2. Language requirements: IELTS: total score of 6.5, individual: listening: 6.0; conversation: 6.0; reading: 6.0; writing: 6.0