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Brunel University Diploma
A few days ago, Zhao Hua, an alumnus of Tianjin University, was appointed as the vice-president of Brunel University LondonBuy fake Brunel University London degree, copy degree of Brunel University.
Zhao Hua graduated from Tianjin University in 1984 and received his Ph.D. purchase fake Brunel University London diploma, replica diploma of Brunel. offer Brunel University diploma, Brunel University official transcript. from the University of Leeds in 1989. From 1989 to 1994, he worked as a researcher at Cambridge University/Imperial College London, was hired at Brunel University London in 1994, and was hired as a professor in 2002. He was the director of automotive and racing engineering, and the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Dean of the department. Since 2014, he has served as the research dean of the School of Engineering and Design and Science. He was awarded the Advanced Doctor of Science (DSc) in 2009 and was elected as a Fellow of SAE International (US) (FSAE) in 2012. Elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering (FREng) in 2015. Former Chairman of the Federation of Internal Combustion Engines of British Universities, and Director of the Internal Combustion Engine/Power System and Fuel Expert Committee of the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers since 2014.
Brunel University is located in London, the capital of the United Kingdom. Established in 1966, the school is an institution of higher learning dedicated to providing high-quality education courses and focusing on practical and applied research.