Is it possible to buy a fake CFP certificate in 3 days? Order CFP diploma

Is it possible to buy a fake CFP certificate in 3 days? Order CFP diploma. Where to get a realistic CFP certificate legally online? Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification is one of the most authoritative financial advisor certification programs in the world. Applicants must have a certain financial knowledge and English foundation. Certificate name: Certified Financial Planner, Chinese translation is "Certified Financial planner", referred to as CFP.
The CFP certificate is the most authoritative financial advisor certification program in the world, and the number of CFP holders has become a reference index to measure the degree of development of a country or region's financial industry. For individuals, the CFP certificate is the identity of financial experts, but also a strong guarantee of high salary and higher vocational. In the United States, the average annual salary of a CFP holder is as high as $110,000.
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Professional trademarks: Certified financial planners who are generally certified as CFP business logos have an easier time building a personal brand. CFP applicants must commit to following the CFP Practice Code and the Practice process of the Financial Planner Practice Manual, and commit to serving clients fairly, diligently and with integrity, being objective and meeting client needs.
Applicants should have a certain knowledge of finance and English, and also have work experience in banking, fund, insurance, securities and other related financial industries. CFP certification includes several steps such as training, professional examination, and professional ethics assessment. Among them, the professional exam includes six modules: Introduction to financial planning, investment plan, insurance plan, tax plan, retirement plan and employee benefits, and advanced financial planning. The exam covers a very wide range of subjects related to financial planning, tax planning, and property planning.