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Located in the famous German city of Berlin, the Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin, FU Berlin, FU), formerly known as the University of Berlin. Buy fake University of Berlin degree. Buy Freie Universität Berlin replica diploma online. It is a top public university and a member of the 11 elite universities in Germany and the German U15 University Alliance. The city of Berlin now has two universities, the Free University of Berlin and the Humboldt University of Berlin. Fake FU Berlin bachelor degree, fake FU master diploma. The Free University of Berlin is the largest comprehensive university in the liberal arts and sciences in Berlin. The humanities and social sciences are well-known in the world and are the academic center of West Germany. The latest QS World University Rankings is 130. Buy Germany phony transcript certificate. Buy false Germany degree. 
The Free University of Berlin, Germany has a long history of establishment. Founded in 1948, digital copy of FU degree certificate, it is one of the universities in Germany and the world in terms of comprehensive strength in liberal arts and sciences. The campus is mainly located in Germany’s largest city-the capital Berlin, with a strong cultural atmosphere and economy. And transportation are very developed. For inte
School visibility
As a member of the elite German universities atop nd the U15 university alliance, the Free University of Berlin ranks second among German universities in the fields of life sciences, humanities and social sciences, and is ranked first among German universities in politics, economics and history. The Free University of Berlin has 15 faculties and more than 150 different majors. The teaching and research fields are very wide. Among them, medicine, natural sciences, social sciences and humanities are the largest faculties and departments. In addition, there are also popular minor majors in Jewish studies, drama, and media studies.
Well-known person
The historical school motto of the Free University of Berlin still retains truth, justice, and freedom. The college has trained many famous scientists, Nobel laureates, physicists, chemists, business leaders and political celebrities. Including 5 Nobel Prize winners and 15 Leibniz scholars. There are also talents in the political world, such as the mayor of Berlin, the speaker of the German Bundestag-Walter Momper, the German Federal President-Roman Herzog, the German Federal Minister of Finance-Hans Eichel, and the German Federal Minister of the Interior-Otto Georg Schily, and so on. Many senior officials trained for the German government.
The Free University of Berlin is not only the world's superb overall strength, the liberal arts and the teaching staff are absolutely second to none among German universities, and many scientific research results have a huge impact on the world.