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Fanshawe College is located in London, Ontario, Canada, only 200 kilometers from Toronto and Detroit, Michigan, USA. Moreover, the world-famous Niagara Falls is only two hours' drive from Fanshawe College. Fanshawe College is the fifth largest of Ontario's 25 public universities and is founded and managed by the Ontario Government. At present, the school has 19,000 students, 2,100 international students and 500 Chinese students. The school has a strong faculty of about 1,700 staff, and many of the best teachers have studied and taught overseas. In addition, the college has a comprehensive equipment, including 1,400 computer workstations and so on.
Fanshawe College is one of the largest public colleges in Canada, located in the safe and friendly city of London, Ontario, with a total of 19,000 students, including 2,100 international students from 50 countries around the world. The college offers a total of 200 certificate, diploma and degree programs to choose from, including business, science and technology, design, hospitality, media, computing and transportation.
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ESL is an English as a Second Language program that allows students who meet the academic standards, but do not meet the College's English language requirements, to enter Fanshawe College's English teaching program. This course uses simulated classroom work on a wide range of topics to improve language skills applied in a college academic environment. The ESL program in Fansa is divided into 5 stages, Level1 to Level5. If a student is required to take a language course, the school will conduct a language placement test at the time of admission to determine the student's starting language level. Fanshawe College is known for the most cooperative programs in Ontario, and many of its most distinctive courses are completed in cooperation with famous universities, that is, students complete their freshman and sophomore courses at Fanshawe College, and then transfer to other university-related majors to complete their junior and senior courses.