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The establishment of a national institution of higher learning is a desire of the first president of the United States, George Washington, fake GWU transcript with official envelope. GWU transcript.
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As president and a citizen, Washington believes that this emerging country needs an authoritative national university where young people from all over the country receive education in arts and sciences. As the capital of the United States and the geographically central city at the time, Washington considered the city to be a suitable location for the school. Washington left 50 shares of Potomac to fund the school. It is a pity that Potomac closed down before the stock was cashed.
But the comrades in Washington have inherited his legacy and ran around to lobby for university programs. Their efforts were not in vain, and they finally said that they were the then president, and James Monroe and 32 members of Congress, who are Williams College alumni. On February 9, 1821, President Monroe personally signed the Congressional Act, and a national non-church university came into being in the District of Columbia, named "Columbia College." In 1873, Columbia College was renamed Columbia University. In 1904, the school was eventually renamed George Washington University to commemorate George Washington's great contribution to the founding of the school.