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Johns Hopkins University is the first research university in the United States and even in the Western Hemisphere. 1873
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In the year, when Johns Hopkins, a banker and Quaker in Baltimore, Maryland, died, he left a huge legacy worth $7 million
(converted by purchasing power, equivalent to $16 billion in 2018). Following his will, his estate was donated in half to Johns
Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital. This was the largest charitable donation in history in the United States at
the time. In 1875, its property custodian purchased the first plot of land on Howard Street in downtown Baltimore as a
future university campus. On January 22, 1876, Johns Hopkins University was officially founded. On February 22 of that
year, the first principal, Daniel Gilman, took office. 1876 ​​coincided with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the
United States, and February 22nd was the birthday of the founding father of the United States, George Washington.
The founders of Hopkins University hope to abandon the stereotypes of American colleges and create a new research
university that focuses on expanding knowledge, graduate education, and encouraging research. The goal is: “Encourage
research and the advancement of independent scholars so that they can advance the science they pursue and the
society in which they live through their own superb knowledge.” In the same way as William Humboldt and others advocated
The German university model represented by Humboldt University (the mother of modern university), Hopkins
University is the first university in the United States to teach classes and the first undergraduate majors. The concepts
and models are later American universities have had a huge impact and have followed suit. A number of established
colleges such as Harvard University, Yale University, Columbia University, and Princeton University have all followed
suit and reformed into a university. A number of new universities,
such as Clark University and the University of Chicago, have been established.