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In 1990, Lithuania gained independence due to the collapse of the communist system in Eastern Europe. Since then, the national higher education system has undergone a major change, and the concept of higher education has undergone earth-shaking changes. Kaunas University of Technology has played a leading role in this major change, and has been abandoned for half a century. Business degrees of all types have been reintegrated into the university system. In 1992, the school established a new headteacher and administrators. The school management model of Kaunas University of Technology adopts the management model of famous universities in Western Europe, absorbing the strengths and academic strengths of major competitors, taking the essence and discarding the dross, so the school quickly stood out and became a top university in my country.
The main task of the school is to train engineers and provide short-term training for engineers who have already worked. The school is divided into twelve colleges, mainly engineering. But it also includes some liberal arts courses, such as public administration, psychology, foreign language study, philosophy, and more. The school has a School of Management that offers degrees at all levels.
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The school's strength is technical research, and the research courses focus on the production and use of equipment, and encourage students' innovative consciousness and inventive ability. The school encourages collaboration among researchers across the faculties. More and more companies have become partners in the school's technical research projects and provide funding. Both the Ministry of Education and the school attach great importance to investment in research. No matter in any field (from robotics to biomedicine), the school's research is at the top level, with a total of 185 researchers. In the field of research, the school's level can be Comparable to any university. The school has a total of 3119 faculty members, including 136 professors and 550 associate professors. There are 14,670 students in the school's 12 colleges and the International Study Center. Is it possible to buy a 100% copy North-West University diploma? Order NWU certificate