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Kettering University Diploma
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1. Kettering University ranked second in the best industrial engineering and mechanical engineering majors in the United States by US News; and its engineering school ranked 27th in the United States.
2. The engineering-related majors of the school are outstanding. In addition, the majors in business, applied mathematics, and applied physics are also excellent.
3. The cooperation project of Kettering University allows students to experience real working situations in multinational companies. The multinational companies participating in the cooperation projects include: GE, Disney, Boyle and major automobile manufacturing companies, such as GM, Honda, Toyota, Ford Wait.
4. There is no need to provide SAT scores, and you can apply for TOEFL scores of at least. The application deadline is August 1.
5. International students can apply for scholarships of up to RMB per year.
6. Kettering University is located in a town, only a clock drive from the American automobile city of Detroit, and you can also drive to Chicago.