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In a heavy industry zone in the United States, experience the rise and fall of American industry. Fake 
Kettering University Degree Samples, replica certificate samples. fake Kettering University degree, Kettering University degree certificate. Although it is based on industry, there is no pollution, noise and dust, and it is quiet, friendly and clean everywhere. Here, you can see the amazing innovation and pioneering spirit of Americans. The two major American automakers-General Motors and Ford, both originated here. Kettering University is the predecessor of General Motors. 
There is no grandeur of a famous university, only five historic buildings, but the facilities are very complete. 
The complete electronic teaching system and network service system are all operated on the Internet from class to examination, and experience the atmosphere of paperless teaching.
Advanced mechanical laboratory, automobile collision laboratory and robot model laboratory. Anyone has creativity and anyone has dreams. If you are a car enthusiast, here can provide you with a practical platform to make the blueprint in your mind appear in the real world.
Comfortable and spacious dormitory area, exercise your hands-on ability. No longer as messy as domestic dormitory life, living in a single room in Thomson Hall, you will involuntarily develop a tidy habit, because the room belongs to you alone; living in an apartment-style Campus Village, the facilities are well equipped, kitchen and laundry rooms are all Yes, the happiest thing is to think about the recipes and cook by yourself. Americans emphasize the ability to use hands.
The student activities at Kettering University are quite rich. After hard academic work, you can enjoy leisure time. This shows that Americans love life. The indoor gymnasium is open to students for free, basketball, handball, badminton, squash, tennis, swimming, yoga, fitness and so on. You can freely choose your favorite exercise method. In addition, the school also organizes many club activities, including fraternities and sisterhoods unique to the United States, golf and rock climbing for outdoor sports, dance clubs for cultivating sentiments, international clubs that exchange cultures from various countries, and Model United Nations for discussing international situations... In all kinds of activities, you will feel the beauty of life.
Michigan is located in the central part of the United States. The people in the central part are warm and friendly, and the humanistic atmosphere is very warm. You can also feel this simple kindness at Kettering University. Classmates and staff in the school will take the initiative to greet you, and will take the initiative to help you when encountering difficulties.
The United States is a multicultural society, and its residents come from all countries in the world. The students at Kettering University come from all over the world. They have parties with Germans, football with Brazilians, beautiful scenery with Bahamas, politics with Africans, and Koran with Asperbes. Cultures converge here, exotic The amorous feelings are fully displayed before your eyes, and your horizons are greatly broadened.
In the United States, I often think: Life is an experience. The more you experience, the richer your life will be and the broader you will see. The United States is a completely different society from China. To communicate and experience in depth will gain a lot and add a touch of splendor to life, just as beautiful as the autumn leaves in Michigan.