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The University of Missouri was established in Columbia City in 1839. MU diploma in America, replica MU certificate sample. It was the only university on the west bank of the Mississippi River. MU diploma, MU official transcript, certificate of MU. It has now developed into the University of Missouri system, including four campuses, namely Columbia campus (Columbia), Rolla campus (Rolla), Kansas campus (Kansas) City) and St. Louis (St. Louis). The University of Missouri is the only university among the 34 universities in the state to be selected into the Association of American Universities (AAU), and is known as the "Public Ivy League School". The university can provide more than 265 degree courses and has an outstanding reputation in teaching and research. digital copy of Mu diploma.
The electronic instrument industry and electronic technology in St. Louis are quite developed, and Emerson Electric is the world's top electronic enterprise. The headquarters of McDonald-Douglas, the largest aircraft manufacturing company in the United States, is located here. The spacecraft that first landed on the moon in the world was built here, and many spacecraft were built thereafter. The food industry and shoe industry in St. Louis are also very developed. The food industry is well-known for producing biscuits and beer. The wine industry monopolizes the country. There are more than 30 shoe factories here, making it the second largest shoe manufacturing center in the United States after Boston.