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The National University of Singapore (NUS) can be traced back to the establishment of the King Edward VII School of Medicine in 1905 and the Raffles College established in 1927 (Singapore was a colony of the King at that time). In 1949, the two colleges merged to form the University of Malaya. Buy fake NUS degree, purchase replica degree of National University of Singapore. Later changed its name to the University of Singapore. Buy fake NUS diploma, purchase replica diploma of National University of Singapore. In 1953, Nanyang University was established with the support of the Southeast Asian Chinese community and became the second university in Singapore. In 1980, the University of Singapore and Nanyang University formally merged to become the National University of Singapore. The university currently has 9 colleges and more than 50 departments, offering high-level academic courses. Fake NUS bachelor degree sample, replica NUS master diploma, copy NUS doctor diploma.
Q: What school does Applied Economics belong to? A: It is a major offered by NUS College of Humanities and Social Sciences. Q: What is the design of the project curriculum? A: Professional courses include 3 major courses + 7 elective courses. Compulsory courses include macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics. All students must complete the teaching of these three courses. The scope of elective courses is wide, and you can choose courses from the School of Economics, Business School, and Computer School. The courses I took include: Corporate Finance, Financial Market and Portfolio Management, Derivative Securities in the School of Business; Machine Learning in the School of Computer Science, and Project and Policy Evaluation in the School of Economics. Q: What was the composition of the classmates of the senior sister? A: Most of the classmates are from China, and the rest are Singaporeans and Indians. The students from China have strong backgrounds, such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, National People's Congress, and elites from various financial institutions (China Finance, Shanghai Finance, Foreign Economics and Trade, Western Finance, etc.). Most of them have business backgrounds, that is, undergraduate majors. It is related to economy and finance. Q: What are the employment prospects of the AE project? A: AE's employment direction is relatively wide, because economics itself is a subject with a wide range of learning. Banks, securities firms, consulting, and insurance companies will prefer students with economic backgrounds when recruiting. Q: NTU AE project course schedule? A: The master usually takes 10 courses, and the credits and GPA required for the courses can be graduated. As far as the master of NUS is concerned, there are two semesters each year, from August to December, from January to May, and there will be two elementary semesters during the summer vacation. Full time can take a maximum of 5 courses per semester, and a minimum of 3 courses; part time can take a maximum of 3 courses, and a minimum of 1 course. Each semester can take up to one course.