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The University of Ottawa has a long history with links to Ottawa Indians and the American Baptist Church. From 1837 to 1855, the Rev. Jotham Meeker and his wife, Eleanor, were Baptist missionaries for the Ottawa Indian Tribe of the Midwest in what is now the city of Ottawa, Kansas. The Meeker family worked to improve the lives of local Ottawa Indians and to inspire their aspirations for education and religion.
John Tecumseh (Tauy) Jones fulfilled the Meeks family's commitment to the Indian tribe. As Baptist Minister, he was responsible for arranging meetings between Baptists and Ottawa Indians, which led to the development of the University of Ottawa. Ottawa Indians donated 20,000 acres of land to the University of Ottawa. In exchange, the Baptist Church agreed to build and operate schools and promised to provide free education to Ottawa Indians. University of Ottawa was founded in 1865. To this day, the University of Ottawa still waives all tuition for members of the Ottawa Indian Descent tribe of Kansas.
The school has two residential campuses, the main one in Ottawa, Kansas, and a branch campus in Surprise, Phoenix, Arizona. The school also has adult education locations in Overland, Kansas; Park Phoenix, Queen Creek, and Surprise, Arizona; and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
If you work in the Midwest in Texas, Texas, Arizona, Arizona, Colorado, Colorado, Utah, Utah, Kansas, Kansas, Nebraska, etc., you can choose to study at the Phoenix campus or the main Kansas Campus. Both campuses are easily accessible by car or plane. California students may also want to consider the Phoenix campus in the west. Is it easy to purchase a fake SUNY Buffalo degree certificate online? The best website to order a fake SUNY Buffalo diploma certificate legally.