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RMIT University cooperates with more than 190 partner colleges around the world to provide qualification certification, and has cooperative relationships with many universities around the world.
Do you want to show your creativity to well-known brands? Want to visit the inside of the Australian retail giant and learn about the real operation of the garment factory? At the RMIT School of Fashion Design, all this can be achieved!
Not only can you learn a wealth of theoretical knowledge at RMIT, you can also get in touch with Australian and even international companies and brands through industry-oriented projects, allowing students to understand the global apparel market in an immersive environment, ready to enter the global industry and industry The field is ready.
In addition, the RMIT School of Fashion Design is closely linked to the fashion industry. Every year, it provides students with a large number of industry scholarships, internships and employment opportunities, as well as a variety of industry seminars and social activities waiting for you to participate.