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Founded in 1998, the Swiss Business School is one of Switzerland's leading institutions of higher learning in the field of business. In 2010, according to the Financial Times World University Rankings, Swiss Business School ranked 23rd in the field of distance learning, along with the University of Warwick, the University of Edinburgh, the University of London, the University of Maryland, Indiana University and other prestigious universities in the United States (download the Financial Times rankings).
Swiss Business School is young, smart, sophisticated, unburdened by history. The school is located in Zurich, the capital of Switzerland, which is located in a key location and has close links with major European business groups. Although the company is small in scale, it dares to pursue the success of niche market, and focuses on higher business education. Currently, it offers bachelor degree courses, professional Master of Business Administration, professional Doctor of business administration and other degree courses. In addition, it also offers advanced training programs for the company, such as leadership and change, cross-cultural skills development and other important topics in contemporary corporate practice.
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Swiss business schools run MBA programmes not only in Zurich, Switzerland, but also in other countries, including Russia and India. The program is sponsored by a number of prominent multinational companies including: Nestle Suisse SA; Credit Suisse Bank; UBS AG; Allianz Schweiz; Lucent Technologies; ABB AG; Deutsche Bank; Siemens; Volkswagen and so on. In 2009, Swiss Business School decided to expand its reach into the Asia-Pacific region. Ashlin Business School in Adelaide, Australia was authorized to offer Swiss Business School MBA and DBA programs in mainland China since 2010. What's the best website does to order a fake Université libre de Bruxelles diploma?