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Delta College of SAN Joaquin is a public community college in Stockton, California. It was founded in 1935 as Stockton Junior College. The college serves a region that includes SAN Joaquin County and parts of Alameda, Calaveras, Sacramento and Solano counties. It is the only community college in the United States to offer a course in electron microscopy.
The College offers Associate of Arts degree programs and certificates. Although the college's main campus is located in Stockton, the College typically serves about 24,000 students a year from a geographic area larger than Rhode Island and Delaware.
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In 1963, SAN Joaquin Delta College separated from the Stockton Unified School District. SAN Joaquin Delta College has eight divisions, including Applied Science and Technology, Business, English Language Arts, Home and Consumer Sciences, Fine Arts, Health Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, and Social Sciences. The college offers specialties in Agriculture, Arts, business administration, communications, Engineering, humanities, mathematics, Music, natural sciences, Radiation technology, social sciences, Vocational nursing, accounting, agricultural business, computer science, culinary arts, engineering and horticulture, etc. Delta College of SAN Joaquin has 5 teaching centers, including Cunningham Center, Holt Center, Stone Horse Center, Boo Center, and Rock Center. The Cunningham Center houses the Unilever Planetarium, the only planetarium at Delta College in SAN Joaquin. The Holt Center has an electron microscopy lab. Art galleries in the Stone Horse Center often host various art exhibitions. SAN Joaquin Delta College is accredited by the Western League of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The easiest way to buy a 100% copy Baylor University degree certificate. How to buy a fake DeVry University degree certificate for a better job?