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TU Braunschweig degree
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Technical University of Braunschweig is close to Volkswagen’s Wolfsburg (commonly known as Wolfsburg) headquarters, so there is a lot of cooperation between schools and enterprises. Many professors have held or held important positions in Volkswagen headquarters and have rich practical experience. Many on-campus research institutes also play an important role in Volkswagen's research and development process. As a result, Brunswick is also known as the "Volkswagen Whampoa Military Academy" among car companies. How to Produce the seal of TU Braunschweig diploma certificate? 
School Honors
CESAER, the first industrial university in Germany, one of the ten universities in Germany
Among the alumni of TU9 are many Nobel Prize winners, well-known scientists and celebrities in the automotive industry, the most famous of which is the mathematician Gaussian magnetic levitation technology developed here by the Google self-driving car research team and the Lower Saxony Vehicle Engineering Research Center (NFF) Important member of.