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Texas Christian University (TCU), founded in 1873, is the largest Christian school in the United States. Although the school is generally Christian, students of other religions and non-believers are welcome, and there are more than two dozen religious organizations for students to join.
At TCU, nearly 40 percent of students are involved in fraternities or sororities, and many are enthusiastic about volunteer activities, such as community service during spring break. Texas Christian University is about five miles from downtown Fort Worth, a place that has so far maintained its old-West feel. In addition, TCU has a rich and colorful curriculum, and has many cooperation programs in foreign countries, such as Florence, Italy and Seville, Spain.
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Texas Christian University has a strong focus on the learning experience and helps students build their logical thinking skills, broaden their horizons, and prepare them for the challenges they may face in the future. At TCU, undergraduates can choose what they want to learn from 118 fields. The variety of choices also gives students the opportunity to establish their own values and prepare for the future career and society. The academic atmosphere at Texas Christian University is personal, coherent, and rigorous. School professors like to stay in the classroom and interact with students. Likewise, school professors will help supervise students in the lab. According to US News, TCU's most popular majors include: Business, management, marketing, health professions and related programs, social sciences, and education. The best website does to order a phony Texas Tech University diploma certificate.