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Spain announced on March 13 that schools and kindergartens across the country will be closed for two weeks. Buy fake UNIR degree, fake diploma of Universidad Internacional de La Rioja, buy UNIR diploma in Spain, UNIR degree sample, UNIR official transcript, custom university diploma, offer university degree. Daniel Burgos, professor of educational technology at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja in Spain, introduced online learning programs under the global crisis from two aspects: "study analysis and personalized learning" and "formal and informal integrated open science". The statistical data and case studies of educational practice suggest that the three aspects of comprehensive expression, accurate prediction and reasonable decision-making should be grasped.
Since January 2020, the new crown virus has swept the world. According to statistics from UNESCO, as of March 10, nearly 363 million students worldwide have been affected. There are 15 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Implemented nationwide school closures, and 14 countries implemented local school closures.
In order to strengthen and guide the global emergency response, UNESCO held a global high-level education official video conference on March 10 to share strategies to reduce global learning interruptions. During the epidemic, the Ministry of Education of China launched the “Suspension of Classes without Suspension” initiative to coordinate national, local, and school-related teaching resources, provide rich and diverse, selectable, and high-quality resources covering all regions, and help more than 270 million college, middle and elementary school students stay away from school at home Can go to school remotely.