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According to the monitor, the most powerful majors at the University of Melbourne fall into these three categories. University of Melbourne transcript, buy fake transcript of University of Melbourne, buy fake University of Melbourne diploma with transcript. 1. Department of Education The Department of Education of the University of Melbourne is the oldest education department in Australia. Buy a fake transcript from the University of Melbourne, Buy a Australian replica transcript online. The Department of Education of the University of Melbourne is ranked sixth in the world and No. 1 in Australia. It covers a very wide range, including early childhood teaching, primary school teaching, middle school teaching, language teaching and other aspects. Buy phony transcript in Australia. Buy a false certificate from Australia. The Department of Education of the University of Melbourne has been officially changed to Melbourne Graduate School of Education since 2010 and no longer offers undergraduate education courses. The main courses are divided into Master of Education (for students already undergraduate education or students who have been engaged in the teaching profession) and Master of Teaching (any degree can be applied for undergraduate). Fake Degree Samples, copy certificate samples, replacement transcript samples. The Research course mainly arranges student teams to work together on a research project. 2. Major in Sociology The University of Melbourne major in Sociology is ranked sixth in the world and No. 1 in Australia. Li Sichen’s introduction to studying abroad includes courses mainly undergraduate sociology majors and honors undergraduate sociology majors. Through the study of this course, students’ learning and communication skills can be trained. Students have a wide range of employment after graduation. Students can also In the last semester, I choose to study in the field I am interested in to expand the scope of future employment. 3. Law major The law major of the University of Melbourne is ranked eighth in the world and number one in Australia. Melbourne Law School (Melbourne Law School) was established in 1857 with a long history and is Australia's top law school. It also has great advantages and ranks among the best in the world. The college has established Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor), Melbourne Master of Laws and graduate research degrees. It also has 18 research centers and research institutes that can provide students with research and teaching on various legal topics. Every year, more than 170 guest lecturers, researchers and visiting scholars from Australia and all over the world come to the school to communicate and teach. The teachers lively lecture and develop students' thinking. The cooperative relationship with many Ivy League schools such as Oxford, Cambridge and New York University provides students with the best exchange and internship opportunities with the five continents. 
The University of Melbourne emphasizes the comprehensive ability of students in terms of academic attainment and personality cultivation. The school has been established and has produced 280,000 outstanding graduates all over the world. Among them are 4 Australian prime ministers, 8 Nobel Prize winners, and 120 Rhodes scholars. According to the "The Bulletin" special issue "The 100 Most Influential Australians", 33 of them have academic relationships with the University of Melbourne. Up to now, the University of Melbourne is the only university among Australia's eight universities that still refuses to recognize China's college entrance examination results.