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The university of Nottingham has won the queen's enterprise award and the queen's higher education of the year award.The university of Nottingham, which is divided into five colleges and offers a wide range of about 50 degrees in the sciences and humanities, is one of the most competitive UK universities degree, with an average of about 10 applications per place for undergraduates.The university has produced many outstanding alumni, including three Nobel Prize winners and many Olympic medal winners.According to a 2011 UCAS report, it ranks alongside Cambridge University  diploma as the third UK school to produce the most high-profile ceos, with graduates ranked second in the UK after University Warwick diploma
Campus environment
The university of Nottingham's 330-acre picturesque campus is one of the most beautiful in the UK. Buy Fake University of Nottingham Degree for Promotion or Pay Rise!
Nottingham, a multicultural city in central England with a long history and famous for legendary hero Robin Hood and Nottingham forest football team, is a two-hour train ride from St Pancras station in London and about 40 minutes from Birmingham, the country's second largest city.
In the UK, Nottingham university has six campuses, including Univeristy Park, Jubilee Campus, Sutton Bonington Campus, King's Meadow Campus, as well as its off-campus medical branches, royal Derby medical college, Nottingham city hospital, etc.The university park campus is built along the lake with beautiful scenery. Its jubilee campus has received the Olympic torch relay, modern architectural style and the application of sustainable energy technology, making the university of Nottingham the "world's greenest university".