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University of Washington, was founded in 1861, is located in the city of Seattle, Washington, is a famous the world's top university, University of Washington transcript, buy fake transcript of University of Washington, buy fake University of Washington transcript. buy fake UW transcript, buy fake University of Washington degree with transcript. the university ranked 16th, the United States "newsweek" world university ranking no. 22, Britain The Times world university ranking 23rd, How Long Does It Take To Create a Fake Transcript of University of Washington? one of the ten top research universities in the United States, the United States ranked fourth public universities, along with the university of Pennsylvania and Michigan university.Uw leads the world in medicine, life sciences, computer science, education, aerospace, public relations and social work, with world-class schools of medicine, business, law, engineering, information and education.The university of Washington, the executive director of the association of American universities, spent more than $4 billion in 2010. The University of Washington, the university of Michigan and Johns Hopkins university have long been the top three universities in the world in terms of financial expenditure and research funding, consistently higher than Harvard University, Massachusetts institute of technology and Cambridge university.

The university of Washington has produced many major inventions that have changed the course of mankind. It has cultivated numerous political elites, business giants and scientific giants. It has invented human vaccines that benefit all mankind.Mapping the human genome, How Long Does It Take To Create a Fake Transcript of University of Washington? revealing the secrets of life;Developed the world's largest B - 52 heavy bombers, driving the spacecraft to the moon, developed the world's largest, a Boeing 747 worldwide invented the computer operating system ms-dos, created the ethylene synthetic rubber technology, invented the world's largest company of apple computer, driving a vehicle in the first breakthrough in human history of sound;Negotiated peace and prevented world war;Created the American silicon valley that changed the course of mankind and so on.

The university of Washington, covering an area of more than 700 acres, is located in the most livable and working city in the United States, Seattle.The university of Washington has more than 500 buildings and assets of more than 50 billion yuan.The health science center of the university of Washington is the second largest office building in the United States.Among the numerous massive buildings on the university of Washington campus: the university of Washington building, valued at $1.15 billion;Bill Gates, President of Microsoft, and Jimmy Carter, former President of the United States, donated 1.25 billion yuan to build the bioengineering and genetic sciences building of the university of Washington in 2006.Microsoft President Bill Gates donated 750 million yuan to build the university of Washington center for medical surgery in 2003.William gates, father of university of Washington alumnus Bill Gates, donated 6.1 billion yuan to build the William gates law school building in 2003.Mary gates, mother of Bill Gates, a alumnus of the university of Washington, donated 6.1 billion yuan to build the Mary gates building in 2000.Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen (whose family was alumni of the university of Washington) donated $600 million to build the university of Washington computer science and engineering building in 2003.The Bill Gates family's donation is huge.