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The facilities on the University of Alberta campus are fully equipped and advanced. buy fake degree of University of Alberta,
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covers an area of ​​89 hectares and has 5,000 hectares of off-campus research sites. The extensive campus
houses 400 research laboratories, including the most powerful laser laboratory, the most cutting-edge scanning
electron microscope laboratory, and two sets of NMR. Facilities and some agricultural research sites.
The University Library is the second largest research library in Canada, with the largest number of books
per capita. At the same time, its Timms Art Center has the latest and greatest drama teaching facilities
in the country, and the sports and entertainment center has a variety of outdoor and indoor entertainment
facilities. The University of Alberta's sports are also famous, especially for volleyball
teams and ice hockey teams, and often get national awards.

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There are 8 unique student residences on each campus, providing accommodation for more than
4,000 students. The student residence is divided into four areas: Lister Center, Hub, International
House, St. Jean. The French-only dormitory St.Jean is not on campus but is transported by
school bus. Hub is connected to the mall and is a convenient and comfortable place to live.
In addition, the school has more than 80 student service programs, including health care, academic
research, personal financial assistance and employment assistance. For extracurricular activities,
the University of Alberta has more than 450 student clubs and associations, 21 sports teams
of different professions, and more than 500 on-campus fitness and recreation activities.