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The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State, abbreviated PSU), founded in 1855,
buy fake degree of PSU in USA, fake diploma of PSU, PSU transcript,  is located in State College,
Pennsylvania, USA, and is a world-renowned research university.
There is a magical story about the history of Pennsylvania State University. There is an Indian girl named Nit-ta-nee,
who is a brave warrior and is called Lion's Paw.
In a tribal battle, the lion's palm was sacrificed. The sad Nittany walked into the Tussey Mountain with the body of the lion's paw.
The Brave Valley between Bald Eagle Mountain is buried. One night, when Nitani threw the last bit of dirt on the grave,
it suddenly became a storm. The local Indians were surprised to find that Nittany was gone. Then, the grave of the lion's
palm suddenly began to bulge, and finally formed a mountain in the center of the Valley of the Brave. Since then, the
life of the Indians in the valley has been particularly quiet, and it is said that a lion will carry eleven warriors to expel
all evil forces that disturb peace. In order to commemorate the warriors and young girls, the inhabitants named the
mountain and the valley on the left in Nittany. The lion was called the Nitani lion. A long time later, a European scholar
named Evan Pugh came to the Nittany Valley and heard the story of the Indian. So he decided to build a school here to
let the lion's courage guard the knowledge and Faith, so Pennsylvania State University
was established here, and the Nittany Lion is the school's mascot.