What is a MPM certificate hologram?|fake MPM certificate

MPM certificate hologram
The first generation of laser anti-counterfeiting technology is an anti-counterfeiting mark for laser-molded holographic images.
What is a MPM certificate hologram?|fake MPM certificate. buy fake MPM certificate with hologram online
Make the hologram on the MPM certification. fake certificates with hologram. Holography was discovered by American scientist Mj Buerger when photographing the atomic structure of the crystal using X-rays, and together with D. Gaber established the holographic theory: using the principle of two-beam interference, The illuminating image can be obtained by combining the object light with another beam of light (reference beam) that is coherent with the object light to "merge" the phase so that the photographic phase can simultaneously record the lower phase and amplitude. However, holograms are taken according to the principle of interferometry and must be recorded with high density (resolution) photographic film. Since the ordinary light source has poor monochromaticity and poor coherence, the holographic technology develops slowly, and it is difficult to take a decent hologram. Until the advent of the laser in the early 1960s, its high brightness, high monochromaticity and high coherence characteristics quickly promoted the development of holographic technology. Many kinds of holograms were produced, and holographic theory was well verified, but due to The special requirements for shooting and reproduction have been almost confined to the laboratory since the day of birth.