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Edexcel GCSE Certificate
Since Pearson's UK GCE A Levels exam changed from two exams in January and July to one exam a month, in 2013, Pearson launched International Advanced Levels, abbreviated as IAL, for the international market of A Levels. Buy fake Edexcel GCSE certificate, fake GCSE certificate, GCSE certificate, how to buy Edexcel fake diploma? buy Edexcel fake certificate. IAL has continued the high level of GCE A Levels in the preparation of the syllabus, and according to the needs of the international market, especially Asian students, it has been changed to three exams in January, May/June, and October each year, as well as a modular exam format. Each module has two chances to retake the exam. Within one year of its launch, IAL has been recognized by more than 600 universities around the world, including famous universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Johns Hopkins University. Currently, IAL has opened 12 disciplines including accounting, biology, business, chemistry, economics, English language, English literature, history, law, mathematics, psychology, physics, etc., and will gradually expand in the future.